Greetings from FCINA to the International Peoples’ Assembly
Martes, Febrero 26, 2019

February 23-27, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Dear delegates!

The Forum on Communication for the Integration of Our America (FCINA) welcomes and adheres to the celebration of the International Peoples’ Assembly, taking place in Caracas, Venezuela.

In these turbulent times, in which peace is in danger, in which the discourse of hatred returns and there are attempts to silence the voices of the peoples claiming their just rights, nothing is more welcome than the possibility of interconnecting people’s organizations worldwide.

The world’s peoples, who have been exploited, plundered and subjugated for centuries, today emerge with growing understanding of the common root of the conflicts that afflict them and of the unity necessary to overcome them.

Today, facing the evident aggressions of a decaying but extremely dangerous imperialism, we stand in solidarity with the sisters and brothers of Venezuela against the attempts to violate their sovereignty and in defense of peace.

As players in the realm of popular communication, we are daily engaged in the effort to dismantle the lies propagated by the monopolistic disinformation media.

We understand that popular demands will advance if, in parallel, the task of achieving the effective democratization of communication is undertaken, since today it mainly serves injustice and depredation.

From our commitment to the sovereign integration of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, we reject with indignation the interventionist arrogance of the USA and the former colonial powers of Europe, which intend to continue controlling the destinies of Our America.

At the same time it is painful and repugnant to see how several South American governments, representing their oligarchies, lend themselves to the violation against their sister nation. On the contrary, the attitude of non-interference and facilitation of dialogue adopted by governments such as those of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and the CARICOM countries is highly praiseworthy.

As proclaimed in the founding document of the International Peoples’ Assembly, we share the aspiration to overcome the worldview and practices that promote imperialism, capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, latifundia, racism, religious intolerance, wars and repression. We are seeking the "Other possible world" and building it every day.

The Forum on Communication for the Integration of Our America, that groups more than 30 communication networks and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean, greets the delegates present from all over the world and pledges its support in the dissemination of the activities and conclusions of the assembly.

Forum on Communication for the Integration of Our America (FCINA)

February 24, 2019